Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's wrong with the Lib Dems?

I believe that most Britons are culturally liberal and that with a welfare state and no cold war , they would wish for a liberal style government.

But no, alas these people seem to have no grasp of petty party politics or the voters' needs.

What we get offered is higher unfair taxes, where little old ladies in six bedroom mansions they own, would be expected to pay less to the council than a few impoverished working adults living in a wee house they rent. It's almost the poll tax.

Of course they have to remind us that global warming is about to end the world. Yes and every China man loves to ride bikes. The solution would be to end those cheap holidays; you know the ones that make poor white folk say "Great world cup, Germans are alright are'nt they".

Still with typical selfish political style, at least we got the pleasure of watching the ugly sight of ex- leaders in a back stabbing daisy chain.

Come on liberal Britain..


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