Tuesday, January 16, 2007

300 Years of Misery....

Today being the anniversary of the unification between England and Scotland, all talk is of course, about divorce.

I'm all for seperation, the Scotch are a bunch of whinging bores, almost as bad as the Irish. If they prefer to ditch Brittishness, good for them. All their music sounds like a dirge and central heating put paid to their sporting prowess many years ago.

Imagine, overnight millions of people would become foreigners. All non-English would find themselves unable to claim to be British, there would be no such country. The English would feel hurt yet indifferent. Ambitious Scots would be horrified; doomed to play a minor role in a gloomy country.

One 0f the first consequences of independence would be the realisation that without England to unite against, the Scottish don't like each other at all. This would provide great hilarity to the rest of us (how about a free Pictland!).

The Union isn't broken, I can see no benefit to anyone if Scotland becomes a teeny weeny sovereign statlet. The potential damage though is enormous. If a few proud emotions win the day, then Britons of every variety will lose.


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