Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear USA (America)

I'm just (belatedly) writing to thank you for doing England its greatest ever favo(u)r.

That's right, several hundred years ago, you'll remember your English cousins waving goodbye to many of your ancestors. No doubt we were drunk, raucous and probably very rude. The reason being of course, the end of puritanism. Both countries gained so much. At last the godless English could do what they liked without some godfearing half-wit boring them to death with the promise of hell and damnation. You of course, ..found the promised land.

Unfortunately for us, the're back! Okay, most of them are crystal gazing bores who hated science at school, but alas, the're green and they seem to run the media.

Now, not being funny.., ..but if we're not scared of hell and damnation; the end of the world is'nt going to bother us to much is it.

The're full of conviction, know the're right and can't help preaching -so i'm sure they'll fit in really well!

please consider this, and all the best in the future.


Blogger Guthrum said...

Thanks for the posting threefinkers, agree with all your points- We must end our involvement with these wars, we should have adopted the Wilson approach to the Vietnam War. It did not serve the national interest and it (the domino theory)was politically unsound.

September 23, 2006  

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