Saturday, September 23, 2006

How ironic..

"the first modern prime minister".

Mr Blair paid tribute to Wilson's legacy, including the Open University. He added: "He also brought in a whole new culture, a whole new country. He made the country very, very different".

One could add that he didn't follow the USA into a bloody foreign adventure, and quit without being pushed.

Still Tony has " made the country very, very different."

Tony Blairs description of harold Wilson earlier today left me wondering... How would Mr. Wilson have thought of our Tony?

Of course I can only guess, but I wonder what epithet our war-mongering foolish leader will achieve?

These have all been taken,

Unready (not unprepared but as in without counsel) . (Ethelred the)

Bastard (This time the winners surely won't change it to conquerer). (William the)

Bad. (king John)

Bloody. (Mary)

Only time will tell.


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