Sunday, September 24, 2006

Labour Party implodes!

With an electoral turnout of barely 45% the (wanted to be nice, honest) party is over.

The swan song was the most succesful Labour Prime Minister in history. Yes, the youthful liberal, turned tory opportunist, turned tory ???, has done for British socialism what Hitler did for for German militarism.

It would appear that without the industrial masses to back them up, there will never again be an elected Labour leader.......

...and then I awoke.


Blogger an average patriot said...

three finkers
One could add that he didn't follow the USA into a bloody foreign adventure, and quit without being pushed. You know, I really have to wonder about this?
I do remember that when Blaire was elected the last time he did say he would step down and hand over the reigns to his long time nemesis.
Like Bush, I have to believe that Blaire has gotten you too into a mess. However, I think that when Blaire is gone so too will be Britain from Iraq. America though will along with the entire world, britain included, have mega problems long after Bush is gone.

September 24, 2006  

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