Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Small town Uk.

Living in Loughborough means that students are everywhere. It also means we get nice quiet summers and a very peaceful christmas.

Yesterday, alot of( soon to be) students arrived in our utilitarian town looking for somewhere to park. This is nigh impossible.

So the (not so) poor souls parked close to the Uni., even though it says quite clearly that one can only park for an hour.

My very blonde, ancient, nearbores decided that this was sinful, and instead of saying welcome stranger, rang the police.

On seeing plod taking numbers I asked "what's the problem"?

Oops, i'd forgotten just how dim the folk of Loughborough are. Me having declaring everyone to be acting foolish Mr. (community something) Plod told me he was ringing the (real) police and that they were on thier way. I instantly repeated myself.

Nobody came round, the sad folk of this town should feel ashamed and i'm glad that I lower the tone of their empty lives.


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