Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thoughts on Independence for Scotland..

Scotland has played a minor role in my life but it's always been there. My grandma was of the Gartshore clan, a clan that was disbanded before the modern mythology of what it is to be a Scot was invented. This meant that when one of my cousins required the 'family' tartan for a wedding, it appeared not to exist. It didn't really, if my pictish ancestors wore plaid then they kept it a secret.

Never the less, for some reason folk with a Scotish (etc..) surname often seem to get all romantic about the long lost sheep stealing days of their ancestors.

With a heart full of schadenfreude, I really hope Scotland gains independence ( my grandma and almost all my relatives that fought for Britiain, are dead , so it won't really matter if they spin , I suppose. ) because it will leave so many ambitous people stuck in the SPL version of reality. Cruel fate will mean that to no longer be British means they will have to sit back and view, always with envy, the Game in England, where the whole world enjoys the Premiership.


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