Thursday, September 28, 2006

I wasn't going to write today..

..then I remembered the date had a ring of some importance. Of course it's 940 years since that great national disaster. The invasion of England by one the nastiest pieces of work in the whole of history. The Normans were a dreaful war machine that made the Danes look like pussycats.

I wont go on to much because everybody has their own understanding of this event.

An unknown for most, is just how destructive they were to many parts of England. The people of Yorkshire tend to know because they were particularly cruel in the scorched earth policy there. My own county town Leicester (a very ancient place) , was reduced to the status of a town for 800 years and the old ruling class was killed or scattered all over Europe.

Not until until 1362, was an Englishman again charged in his own language or english spoken in 'Parliament'.

Oh well, I could go on...


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