Friday, October 20, 2006

Amara Tony.

It's just a reminder of how vain you are, in your humble little way of course.

Give up Tony, history will laugh at you 'til it's bored.

Why won't Tony go?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Veil problem solved!

The Government's desire to tell us what to do, reached a logical conclusion today when it realised that if all women over 40 would only wear the veil, then there would be no prejudice or fear created by it.

Community spokesman, Jack le Ladd claimed, "My mum won't like it, she more of a blond with lots of make-up, ...but I think it's a good idea." (our translation)

Meanwhile, an Islamic educational trust has called for a Yorkshire school at the centre of the row over women wearing full face veils to sack all of its teachers who are not bilingual Muslims.

Keep fanning the flames.
Why delay?

The verdict in Saddam's first trial was delayed this week until the 5th November.

The sentence will be death by hanging. The media will make a big fuss. Two days later The US will vote in the mid-term elections.

Another great victory in the war on terror.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


There won't be to much concern about those that have lost their money with Farepak. It's a shame when people do their best to save for christmas and find out at such a late date that it was for nothing. Most Farepak customers will not be able to replace these meagre savings.
I even feel sorry for the agents, who in this case thought that they really were helping people out (often friends and family) .

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Religious fascists?

Geraint Davies, teaching union NASUWT Cymru secretary, said he supported the right of any teacher to wear the swastika.

"There's no law against wearing a swastika so she's within her legal rights to wear one. Any union would support any member exercising their legal rights. I accept it's important to interact properly with the pupils and every teacher and every teaching assistant has the responsibility to do so, but every teacher and every teaching assistant also has the right to live their lives as they wish to do so within the law." Sorry, replace swastika with veil.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

British troops should

"get ... out sometime soon because our presence exacerbates the security problems".

The head of Britain's army General Sir Richard Dannatt spoke frankly in a way that will cause great consternation in Downing street.

He lambasts Tony Blair's desire to forge a "liberal democracy" in Iraq as a "naive" failure and he warns that "whatever consent we may have had in the first place" from the Iraqi people "has largely turned to intolerance."

It's time for us to go home from this folly.. How the politicians react to this should prove very interesting.
Bad night last night...

Being English, it doesn't really get much worse than last night. Forget everything else, I, like most other Englishmen wanted nothing more than the chance to cheer our side on to an easy victory (like when Heskey! scored against the Germans, so long ago now..) .

There was though, one consolation...

England reduces every glory hunter to the level of a Wolves fan.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

As much as I hate Charlemagne,

I do have a soft spot for Charles Martel.

we ( possibly I ) won't forget.
Perverts and creeps..

Censorship is an ugly word, I would ban censorship outright...Censors are bad people that need to be legislated against..

Who can deny, that in a world full of censorship, babies die, perverts do missionary things where the're not welcome and the meek are left wondering..

So why does one care about freedom? Freedom comes at a price, that's right, every time you feel free, remember, someone else is feeling sticky.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Joy Lucky..


North Korea found itself in the eyes of the world today after it proved itself capable of blowing up a cave.

Friendless and threatened, the nuclear test has brought great condemnation from Japan, China and the world.

The British Government offered a prisoners for bombs exchange after discovering just how cheap life and imprisonment can be on the asian peninsular.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Radical Patriot Peter Hitchens

speaks for many right wingers tonight as he complained that the Tories were now Liberals. He declared that the next election would be without a real choice, meaning we might as well be in a one party state. (the wrong one)

Watching the right squirm in a similar way that the left did in the 1980's is giving me pleanty of pleasure right now.

The Conservative and Labour Parties are in trouble.
The world can't wait.

I would just like to give my best wishes to all those in the US today that are protesting to "Drive out the Bush regime".
Thoughts on Independence for Scotland..

Scotland has played a minor role in my life but it's always been there. My grandma was of the Gartshore clan, a clan that was disbanded before the modern mythology of what it is to be a Scot was invented. This meant that when one of my cousins required the 'family' tartan for a wedding, it appeared not to exist. It didn't really, if my pictish ancestors wore plaid then they kept it a secret.

Never the less, for some reason folk with a Scotish (etc..) surname often seem to get all romantic about the long lost sheep stealing days of their ancestors.

With a heart full of schadenfreude, I really hope Scotland gains independence ( my grandma and almost all my relatives that fought for Britiain, are dead , so it won't really matter if they spin , I suppose. ) because it will leave so many ambitous people stuck in the SPL version of reality. Cruel fate will mean that to no longer be British means they will have to sit back and view, always with envy, the Game in England, where the whole world enjoys the Premiership.
The strange re-birth of Liberal England.

I suppose it was inevitable that with the end of the cold war, ideology was over. Yesterday it became a reality. In the UK all three main political parties are now Liberal. David Cameron confessed to wanting to be nice to everybody except the looney right.

So after three long winded weeks of intrigue, the UK is left playing spot the difference.

I feel sorry for the Libdems. Having spent decades in a political party with no chance of power they discover that everyone is copying them and doing it better.

With three years or so until the next election, the phoney wars have begun in earnest. The British people will now be bored senseless as egomaniacs pretend that vanity is humility, and the nasty game of power is something they just slipped into.

Vote Charisma.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Let them eat Cack!

Boris Johnson cheered me up today, he's about the only colourful politician we have.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

From butchers' apron to ...

I've studied power all of my life; my parents introduced me to it.

When I was young, the British Empire had become a joke. It was something that old people clung to, an idea, an ideal that was over. Furthermore, it was seemingly considered by most to have been a travesty, a cruel imperialistic hatred of humanity. We had been the scoundrelous nasties from overseas.

Without going further into my thoughts regarding the above, may I argue that our two wars against tyrany and despotism, (both completely against the national interest, but in the national psyche) plus other redeemable features, meant that Britain/England had, in many peoples' eyes become a mature and considerate nation/state...

So the fact that we have become a lackey of the New Roman 'Republic', is about as bad as it feels today...
God fails US in Paradise.

Guns don't kill people.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Tory Bombs fall again...

The once united Tory front dispersed like the taliban army today. The forlorn hope that is David Cameron, scratched his incredulity as party members (average age, nearly dead) , declared that they would never want to appeal to the vulgar nation.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I had a good day yesterday. I went for a nice long walk in some old childhood haunts. The highlight of the day ( apart from collecting some perfect fighting conkers, discovering a healthy looking badger set- complete with stoat skull etc..) was collecting some Blue-stales (blewits) for breakfast today.

So breakfast was great: good bacon, eggs, great sausages, seriously excellent black pudding, the last of my tomatoes and perfect button blue-stales from a fine walk.