Friday, September 29, 2006

Judge Dread......

Who didn't dislike Dredd? Obviously the Home Office. Plans for a brave new world expanded a bit more today. That's right, History is bumpf, freedom is work (sorry, that was something else), and the police should be able to dish out summarily justice anywhere.

Will they also get a great bike?

Sounds good to me.. "citizen, ...prepare to be judged.."
Richard Branson to save the world..

For just $200,000, Virgin philanthropist Richard Bransom will take YOU.. on the mother of all flights. That's right, Doctor Who and you too, can go into space.

Richard Branson announced exciting plans yesterday for rich people to show off and tell the rest of us just how much more we should tighten the belts and care for our poor, fragile, planet.

The expansion of his Galactic Empire came just days after he announced his bit for the planet by giving his Virgin Company 3,000,000 dollars to help combat the scourge of global warming.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I wasn't going to write today..

..then I remembered the date had a ring of some importance. Of course it's 940 years since that great national disaster. The invasion of England by one the nastiest pieces of work in the whole of history. The Normans were a dreaful war machine that made the Danes look like pussycats.

I wont go on to much because everybody has their own understanding of this event.

An unknown for most, is just how destructive they were to many parts of England. The people of Yorkshire tend to know because they were particularly cruel in the scorched earth policy there. My own county town Leicester (a very ancient place) , was reduced to the status of a town for 800 years and the old ruling class was killed or scattered all over Europe.

Not until until 1362, was an Englishman again charged in his own language or english spoken in 'Parliament'.

Oh well, I could go on...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Small town Uk.

Living in Loughborough means that students are everywhere. It also means we get nice quiet summers and a very peaceful christmas.

Yesterday, alot of( soon to be) students arrived in our utilitarian town looking for somewhere to park. This is nigh impossible.

So the (not so) poor souls parked close to the Uni., even though it says quite clearly that one can only park for an hour.

My very blonde, ancient, nearbores decided that this was sinful, and instead of saying welcome stranger, rang the police.

On seeing plod taking numbers I asked "what's the problem"?

Oops, i'd forgotten just how dim the folk of Loughborough are. Me having declaring everyone to be acting foolish Mr. (community something) Plod told me he was ringing the (real) police and that they were on thier way. I instantly repeated myself.

Nobody came round, the sad folk of this town should feel ashamed and i'm glad that I lower the tone of their empty lives.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tony Blair to go soon..

Tony Blair declared today that nothing short of WWIII would stop him stepping down from the Premiership.
Tony Blair to remain Prime Minister!

Following the unprovoked attack by nuclear crazed Iranian Mullahs. Tony Blair flew straight to the USA for urgent talks with his matesr. "The war is tragic for mankind and requires that we do not show weakness through change" , declared a solemn Mr B.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Labour Party implodes!

With an electoral turnout of barely 45% the (wanted to be nice, honest) party is over.

The swan song was the most succesful Labour Prime Minister in history. Yes, the youthful liberal, turned tory opportunist, turned tory ???, has done for British socialism what Hitler did for for German militarism.

It would appear that without the industrial masses to back them up, there will never again be an elected Labour leader.......

...and then I awoke.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

How ironic..

"the first modern prime minister".

Mr Blair paid tribute to Wilson's legacy, including the Open University. He added: "He also brought in a whole new culture, a whole new country. He made the country very, very different".

One could add that he didn't follow the USA into a bloody foreign adventure, and quit without being pushed.

Still Tony has " made the country very, very different."

Tony Blairs description of harold Wilson earlier today left me wondering... How would Mr. Wilson have thought of our Tony?

Of course I can only guess, but I wonder what epithet our war-mongering foolish leader will achieve?

These have all been taken,

Unready (not unprepared but as in without counsel) . (Ethelred the)

Bastard (This time the winners surely won't change it to conquerer). (William the)

Bad. (king John)

Bloody. (Mary)

Only time will tell.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear USA (America)

I'm just (belatedly) writing to thank you for doing England its greatest ever favo(u)r.

That's right, several hundred years ago, you'll remember your English cousins waving goodbye to many of your ancestors. No doubt we were drunk, raucous and probably very rude. The reason being of course, the end of puritanism. Both countries gained so much. At last the godless English could do what they liked without some godfearing half-wit boring them to death with the promise of hell and damnation. You of course, ..found the promised land.

Unfortunately for us, the're back! Okay, most of them are crystal gazing bores who hated science at school, but alas, the're green and they seem to run the media.

Now, not being funny.., ..but if we're not scared of hell and damnation; the end of the world is'nt going to bother us to much is it.

The're full of conviction, know the're right and can't help preaching -so i'm sure they'll fit in really well!

please consider this, and all the best in the future.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's wrong with the Lib Dems?

I believe that most Britons are culturally liberal and that with a welfare state and no cold war , they would wish for a liberal style government.

But no, alas these people seem to have no grasp of petty party politics or the voters' needs.

What we get offered is higher unfair taxes, where little old ladies in six bedroom mansions they own, would be expected to pay less to the council than a few impoverished working adults living in a wee house they rent. It's almost the poll tax.

Of course they have to remind us that global warming is about to end the world. Yes and every China man loves to ride bikes. The solution would be to end those cheap holidays; you know the ones that make poor white folk say "Great world cup, Germans are alright are'nt they".

Still with typical selfish political style, at least we got the pleasure of watching the ugly sight of ex- leaders in a back stabbing daisy chain.

Come on liberal Britain..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Am I here?